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Windows of Surprises


About 4.00 the other afternoon I was huddled in my caravan feeling very sorry for myself. It was wet, cold, and night was closing in. Suddenly in the distance a rainbow appeared. I hung my arm out of the window pointed the camera in what I hoped was the the right direction and pressed the button capturing a special moment . A few strands of colour totally transformed my mood, and I could only marvel at it's beauty . It was gone in moment but it was a wonderful and precious gift to me on that drab grey afternoon. A wonderful surprise and a way into my prayer time which would otherwise I'm sure have been one long whinge!


So I invite you to pray a rainbow prayer today:


Pray red for those who cry out for warmth and acceptance and love.


Pray blue for all those whose life's skies have been darkened by illness and loss.


Pray green for those who live in places of drought. For those whose lives feel barren.


Pray white for those who feel soiled by life's experiences, those who see no beauty in themselves.


Pray gold for those who feel they are life's losers. Who feel they haven't achieved anything.


Pray black for those who are exhausted and need a safe place to rest for a while.


Pray purple for the voiceless and those coming to the end of their lives.


pray yellow for those imprisoned by bars or addictions that they may glimpse a brighter future


Pray a rainbow for all those who feel alone today. For all who have given up hope of ever being surprised or blessed.


And pray for yourself and next time you are surprised by unexpected beauty or an unexpected kindness, use the experience to shape your prayers and store it away in your heart to bring out again on a rainy day.




As the light breaks through the darkness and a new day is born so we pray Lord Jesus  for the light of your peace into the darkness of violence

for the light of trust into the darkness of broken relationships

for the light of hope into the darkness of unemployment and poverty

for the light of perseverance in the darkness of weariness

for the light of healing into the darkness of suffering

for the light of forgiveness in the darkness of past enmities

for the light of integrity into the darkness of temptation

for the light of courage for all those who face today in the darkness of dread

for the light of your kingdom into all the places of darkness in our lives and world





An evening Prayer

Music of evening – dance in our hearts.


Silence of evening – calm our fears


Darkness of evening- colour our prayers


Peace of evening- sink into our tiredness


God of evening and of morning- be with us Amen.



Lord, scatter upon my life the confetti of your grace                                                           Where I am tired, scatter energy                                                                                       Where I am frustrated scatter patience                                                                              Where I am  hurting scatter healing                                                                                    Where I am stale, scatter refreshment                                                                                Where I am bitter, scatter grace                                                                                        Where I am lonely, scatter a deep sense of your presence that I may rejoice  I pray in the name of Jesus, who is friend, bridegroom and Saviour                    Amen.                                                                                                                                       

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19.03 | 12:34

hi ebook now available of Out of the Mist - it is very different from my other story but hope you like it -

11.12 | 15:21

will do thanks again for your encouragemnet

11.12 | 15:15

Great news - it would be good if you drop me a line when it is available. Thanks

11.12 | 05:29

Hi i have just written a novella 38.000 words which i hope to self publish early next year thanks for your encouragement all good wishes lynne

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