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Infant ferns unfurl like shepherds crooks, like horses of the sea prancing in the breeze of springs advancing cavalcade of colour. Golden strings of daffodils and crocus play, as birds delighted, jig and jive applauding as they did the introit of the faithful little snowdrops who boldly part the soil of winters dirge, dispersing debris, as the baton of decay conducts the fertile soil of life's replenished scoring.


And time skips on.









Wild grass


Grass, Swaying grass Swaying and carrying my hopes, my yearnings, Swaying and releasing my guilt, my regrets, my disappointments Swaying in time with the cries of the earth, the song of the birds the agonies of all creation.


Swaying with abandonment and freedom, dancing to the melodies of the breeze , rooted in trust as wild winds buffet and rains drench, disturb and threaten, Swaying silently, secretly, hidden from a world that has no time, no heart of being.


Grass, swaying grass , reaching out and grasping for heaven,


As I do.











O Praise the Lord, the Crafter of Life                                                                         Delight in the earth, breathe in her perfumed incense and her fragrant sweat. Set free your soul to soar with birds and butterflies. Cup in your hands her jewelled tears of rain. Anoint her swaying flowers.

O Praise the Lord, the Crafter of Life                                                                             Whisper with her breeze, caress her leaves. run with her deer. Leap with her fish. And dance with her waves on the shores of longing and desire, until love's tide begins to trickle through your toes.

O Praise the Lord, the Crafter of Life                                                                         Rejoice in the soil of her fields, be gentle with their seasons.Bless their bearing, share their fruits.

O Praise the Lord the Crafter of Life                                                                             With all the earth, in music not yet sung that haunts the soul. O Praise the Lord with heart and voice with thunder, wind and waterfall O Praise the Lord the Crafter Of Life Alleluia!

Best Before

Best Before

A mess of packets behind tins, tins behind boxes, biscuits and crackers gone stale in a rusty barrel.

Pasta, lentils, rice and beans all banded up in bags half empty.

Half a lifetime past 'best before'

Disorder, dust, dirt, mould and mustiness not easily removed.

But half a day was all it took to clean and clear, restore, restock.

Nothing missed.

Except, the pantry was quite happy as it was.

And so was Agnes.

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19.03 | 12:34

hi ebook now available of Out of the Mist - it is very different from my other story but hope you like it -

11.12 | 15:21

will do thanks again for your encouragemnet

11.12 | 15:15

Great news - it would be good if you drop me a line when it is available. Thanks

11.12 | 05:29

Hi i have just written a novella 38.000 words which i hope to self publish early next year thanks for your encouragement all good wishes lynne

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