The collage is taking shape - huge thanks to everyone for sending pictures of their four legged friends - please see  
and help the dogs and cats of Asia

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DONE Sending...

lee | Reply 23.01.2015 22.04

I love this page and go back to it time and time again.

Cally Smith | Reply 22.10.2014 17.57

So many beautiful and much loved little fur babies!! I wish all animals around the world were loved so much Lynne and A. Asia thank you for your devotion x

Mary Alice Pollard | Reply 27.08.2014 15.12

So many precious little ones who have given up their hard earned pocket money to help the unfortunate fur kids in China ... Bless each and every one of you !

Loraine Austin | Reply 10.08.2014 19.52

So glad our family dogs are here to show the joys dogs can bring when treated properly.

Sue Capon | Reply 10.08.2014 13.08

So happy to see my Oggy, Buddy, Harry and Thomas. Great to see all these handsome furry friends and so pleased to be able to help such a great cause. x

lee | Reply 08.07.2014 17.31

Bert's eyes are amazing - say so much.
Joanie, why haven't Medley, Konker, Dusky and is the little black pup Roguey. If not where is he??

lee Gibbins | Reply 03.07.2014 19.47

Medley and Dusky - you're definitely stars.

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23.04 | 20:44

wow you did it, your dream really did come true
Congratulations on completing the london Marathon
Well Done

29.01 | 21:42

use this video to inspire you this week, we watched it in church today.

love and prayers

06.06 | 18:23

I have just discovered you website and you are an inspiration to anyone who reads or meets you. I'll send a story if I have one that's eligible.

07.03 | 13:54

How is Dessie doing now? Hope the wren is enjoying today's sunshine and singing of the joys of Spring

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